Tuesday, October 21, 2014

RE: I Can't Even

Various calls a friend from high school has had to deal with lately:

Freckles: And what is your relationship to the deceased?
Customer: I didn't have relations with my niece. WTH?!
Freckles: That was not the question, sir. Who are you in bereavement for?
Customer: I ain't gotta answer that until they die.
Freckles: [Why me?]


Freckles: When was your last day of work?
Customer: I don't know. Hell, I wasn't there.
Freckles: Clearly.


Customer: Why do I need a Doctor to fill out FMLA papers? He doesn't think I have asthma.
Freckles: Do you have asthma?
Customer: Yeah! I limp and shit.
Freckles: Ok.

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