Friday, August 11, 2017

RE: This Spot Has A Nice Bouquet

The Doggie: Hold on, I need to smell this...
The Hubby: What is it now?
The Doggie: Someone peed here.
The Hubby: What?! You just spent five minutes smelling pee back there.
The Doggie: Yeah, but this is different pee.
The Hubby: It's pee! How different could it be?
The Doggie: Obviously you know nothing about pee. The last one had a hardy bouquet with woody overtones. This one is much lighter, almost floral, and... [sniff-sniff-sniff] ...yes, just a hint of butt.
The Hubby: Hey, you know what you are? You're a smell-ier! Get it? Like a sommelier, but for smells.
The Doggie: ...
The Hubby: Wait, no! You're a connois-sewer!
The Doggie: Ugh. You're going to make fun of me for smelling pee, while you drop those stink-bombs?

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