Thursday, July 19, 2012

RE: You Make An Interesting Point

"I know cats aren't dogs, but they do have personalities." - Sally at dinner

RE: Thanks For The Offer

Me to The Hubby at dinner: My parents will be here during our anniversary.
Sally: I'll babysit.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

RE: Fries & A Coke With That?

Text from Stella:

"Guy at rest stop on turnpike: I'm not really hungry.  I'll just get a grilled steak burrito...and a chicken bacon sandwich."

RE: Wait, They Were Still Alive Before Now?

Texting with Stella:

Stella: Andy Griffith died.  Again, someone who I thought was already dead.
Me: Yeah, I had that thought.
Stella: When Maurice Sendak died in May, I thought the same thing...and we had even gone to his museum in Philly a few years ago.  I guess I should just stop assuming everyone is dead.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

RE: Does She Have A Tiara?

"My cousin's girlfriend dresses like a slutty toddler." - Stella's sister-in-law

RE: I Should Reduce The Stupidity In My Life

Stella: Teresa to Jacqueline, "I like that dress. You look like you should be in South Africa.  It's very Aztec-y."
Me: How did I miss that?
Stella: It was last week's episode...when Teresa goes over to Jacqueline's house to talk about magazine shit.
Me: I guess I didn't pay attention.  Wish you watched oc ["Real Housewives of Orange County].
Stella: I don't know if I could handle that much more stupidity in my life.

RE: Still Not Ruling Out Crazy, Though

Me: Thought this lady was bat shit, but she's got a bluetooth thing that I didn't notice at first.
Stella: that shit.

RE: Secret Recipe

"Dumb, fucking, punk ass kid in line in front of us at Chipotle asked 3 times, 'Does the guac have pork in it?'" - Stella

RE: Denial

Me: Cake boss is younger than us.
Stella: No. Absolutely not.

RE: Do Not Adjust Your Set

"Every time this show is on, I think the tv is broken because everyone is so orange." - Birdman about "The Real Housewives of New Jersey"

RE: Um, Maybe You Should...Poor Kid

"I'd give up my kid for a pig." - Overheard by a friend in the livestock area at a fair

RE: Well, It's New To You

"Oh, the 3 stoogers!!!  Is this a new one?!" - Mini-me bonding with her dad