Thursday, September 26, 2013

RE: I'll Never Eat A BUTTerFINGER Again

Text Conversation between Stella and Birdman that Stella shared with me:

Stella: I had a dream last night that you were rubbing my back and stuck your finger in my pooper. 
Birdman: Gross. That doesn't sound like something i'd do. Did you enjoy it? 
Stella: No...I was horrified. I made you go wash your hands. YOU seemed to enjoy it and see nothing wrong with executing a surprise digital anal invasion. 
Birdman: Hah! Sounds more like a nightmare than a dream. 
Stella: It was disturbing. P.S. Keep yo' fingas out my hole. 
Birdman: All set for [restaurant name]. My mom will be by around 5:30. 
Stella: Okey dokey, buttfinger. 
Birdman: Henceforth, you shall only address me as buttfinger. 
Stella: Will do.

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