Saturday, November 5, 2011

RE: Seen But Not Heard

So, this isn't a quote post, but it is really something that I feel needs to be written about and shared.  I was in the restroom at a movie theater.  It was after some movies let out, so it was busy in there.  The first thing to happen was a loud ringtone going off and a woman a couple stalls down answers it and starts a conversation.  I will never understand this, especially when a whole bunch of toilets start flushing mid-conversation.  It's annoying but not gross, I know.

Let me get to the second experience.  I leave my stall and walk toward the sinks.  I pass a lady coming out of another stall.  She is carrying a large bag popcorn and eating it.  She stops and continues to eat while another lady exits another stall, also eating from a large bag of popcorn.  The two of them proceed to the exit of the restroom, walking right by the sinks with post-bathroom-use-hands digging in the bags.

Finally, phone lady comes out and is holding the phone and talking, with no move toward the sinks.

The reason I was able to witness all of this: I WAS WASHING MY HANDS!!!

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