Wednesday, November 30, 2011

RE: Air Travel Can Be Very Risky

"Chick with no eyebrows freaking me out. 1 dirty hippy will be on my flight. Hope he doesn't sit next to me. Probably smells like patchouli and angst. And a dog that looks like a dead Betty White afro will be on my flight. I really think its dead..." And, a few hours later: "The guy sitting next to me spent 2.5 hours picking shit off his back and putting it on his tray table. Then he proceeded to dig in his nose for the rest of the time. Sooo skeeved out...I actually retched a bit. He kept elbowing my fat roll when he was picking his back." - Stella about her adventures in flying


  1. What airline does she fly? Because I never want to fly on that airline.

  2. Frontier, which serves warm, chocolate chip cookies during the flight, so perhaps it's worth it.