Saturday, April 4, 2015

RE: Please Pass The Gravy...And Applesauce?

On Mini-Me's 8th birthday, I got a text from Scrubs. It was a picture of Mini-Me holding a jar of gravy and a jar of applesauce from my parents...that she asked them to get.  I emailed my parents to see what that was all about.  Wonder Woman's response:
Here's the scoop.   A few weeks ago I asked Miss [Mini-Me] what she wanted for her b-day.  She said, emphatically, "No clothes!"  So I said, "Then what do you want?"  I thought she said a great big can of ravioli.  So days later, I said, "What do you want besides ravioli?"  She said, "I don't want ravioli; I said gravy."  I said, "Anything else?"  She thought a minute and said, "A big jar of applesauce all for myself."  I gave her the gravy and applesauce on Monday when the family got together.  I figured her friends might not get it or think her Grandmother was NUTS.  Sunday she had a kids' party at the rink.  So that's it.

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