Tuesday, February 10, 2015

RE: The Piano Man?

Me: Shelly went to a Billy Joel concert. She got an autographed drum stick and got to go backstage and meet him. He signed her arm and she got it turned into a tattoo.
The Hubby: Why a drum stick?
Me: I guess it was just something he could easily throw out into the crowd.
The Hubby: Is she a big Billy Joel fan?
Me: Oh yeah, huge! When she was young she had spiky hair and everything.
The Hubby {Not really understanding what having spiky hair had to do with Billy Joel.}: I guess it was safer to throw out drum sticks than autographed pianos.
Me: Did he play the piano?
The Hubby {What? He's the Piano Man!}: Billy Joel?
Me: Billy Idol!
The Hubby: Oh! Well that makes a lot more sense.

(Not sure I said the wrong name, or if he heard the wrong name, but either way, it was worth a good laugh.)

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