Wednesday, July 24, 2013

RE: Reader Beware (No, REALLY)

Two text conversations between Stella and me:

Me: The shit I just shat was too wide for both my ass and the toilet.
Stella: Sounds like the shits I was taking last week! Maybe this is how the Apocalypse begins...not with horsemen but with giant, ass ripping shits.

And, later texts:

Me: Um... The crossword I'm doing had "rather gross fetish" for a clue. Scat was the answer, which I misspelled with a k at first
Stella: Ha!!! OMG!!

Stella: Did I ever tell you about when I asked Polish Boy "Do you like scat?" It was in the office and he looked horrified when I asked and I was like "What?" He was like "Shhh!!!" And I was all "What's wrong with scat?" He was like "Gross!! Shh!!" I was so confused. I was talking about the music style...he thought I was talking about the fetish. I didn't even know it was a fetish at that point.
Me: HA
Stella: One of our classic Stella/Polish Boy Moments.

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