Saturday, June 1, 2013

RE: Struthio camelus---Brrrrrakakaka

A Tale Inspired by Birdman's FB profile picture:

The Hubby: Birdman rode high on that ostrich. High and proud. Some folk said too proud, but that didn't make no nevermind to Birdman. He and that ostrich would just strut through town like like they ain't never had a care. Like all they needed was each other. Maybe that was true. But it sure makes for a sad story, the way it all turned out. 'Course, maybe that was the only way it coulda gone, I don't know. All I know is sometimes, out on the plains, when the moon is shining bright in the sky, and the wind has gone real quiet... Sometimes I swear I can hear old Birdman and that ostrich, their call echoing off the distant hills: Brrrrrakakaka! Brrrrrrakakaka!

Birdman: You magnificent bastard. You brought feeling back to this old withered heart, emotions I thought would never be felt again. Perhaps it would have been better had I never experienced that twinge pass through my chest once more. I know I could have lived another 40 years and been just fine--not truly happy, but content in my own small way, maybe--but the haunting cry of that majestic bird lit up my mind like fireworks on a hot July night.

The ostrich. Struthio camelus. It may have been flightless, but when I rode on top of that fantastical fowl, my heart soared like any eagle. Brrrrrakakaka, indeed.

The Hubby: Take comfort, my friend, and forgive me for opening old wounds. I hope you know that the love that you and that beautiful bird shared lived not just in your own hearts. It spilled out over all who bore witness. It was my own emotion that moved me to write those words, heedless of the harm they might cause you. I miss not the bird, but the man that you became when you were with her. This ruined husk that you've become only serves to remind me of majestic Birdman you once were, and I ache for those days.

Stella: Tis a story so beautiful that has never been told before or ever shall be...brakaakaa without end.

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