Wednesday, May 8, 2013

RE: Current Events

Message to me of textersation between Stella and our mutual friend, Polish Boy.


This is 'merica...we don't cotton to no stinkin' fancy ass Frenchy words and shit.
Polish Boy: So brilliant.
Polish Boy: It's Cleveland afterall...
Polish Boy: "I've been abducted and missing for 10 years!!!" Response- "Do you need fire, ambulance or the police?"
Stella: Fire. Definitely fire.
Polish Boy: No. She wanted a Rally's Big Buford and glitter. WTF did they think she wanted?!?
Stella to me: (I was standing in the middle school gym waiting for [Birdman] to finish voting when I read his last text and I snorted from laughing so hard...made a nice echoy sound in the gym. Also, I think the guy who checked us in to vote had elephantitis of the nutsack. Not kidding. At all.)

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