Saturday, December 17, 2011

RE: Oldies, But Goodies

I stumbled upon some quotes I had on facebook and decided a trip down memory lane would be today's blog post. Please Enjoy!

This first batch is from Miley Bieber:

  • "Homeless people need to get it on, too." - I don't remember the context, but does it really matter? 
  • "I feel like I need to pick-up his suck." - This was about a co-worker; most people would probably say, "slack" not "suck," but that makes it awesome 
  • "I always wanted a stripper named Raul." - Again, don't remember the context 

Of course, Stella had to be on here:
  • "I need crabs. Can you send me crabs?" - Stella, actually taking about ingredients for a game on facebook 

This next one is from a woman I worked on a political campaign with: 
  • "The key to cabaret is to slither across the piano" 

Chef Gordon Ramsey had some good ones from his TV shows: 
  • "I feel like i need plastic wrap on my ass." 
  • "It's like King Kong's fucking condom!" 

The last one, for now, is really a favorite of mine: 
  • 'Family Feud' host: "Something people know about dragons?" 
        'Family feud' contestant: "They're extinct."

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